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Windows Live
Had a brief play with Windows Live this morning. I’d previously signed up and had a look sometime last year, and it seems to have changed little. In particular, the lengthy non-human-readable URLs are unappealing, and the way it slowly redirects through several different authentication URLs on some links is ridiculous. Makes LiveJournal look like a beacon of simplicity and elegance in comparison!


I added some external services (LiveJournal, Facebook, last.fm), and two of them required multiple attempts before succeeding. It all seemed a bit flaky.

The personal profiles have educational information as an option, with a list of universities from around the world, but only appears to let one select a single university. Obviously nobody at Microsoft has multiple degrees.

And then I gave up because it got into a loop of redirections between various authentication pages, before coming up with an internal error. Repeatedly.

Maybe it all works better in IE.

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Well, Microsoft do have a long history of Not Getting It, with regard to a number of major technological and social advances.

Obviously nobody at Microsoft has multiple degrees.

Well, apart from Michael Freedman, but I guess he's too busy thinking hard about quantum computation at the moment.

I guess I should check it out again some time too. I have a couple of profiles (associated with my work and personal Passports) but don't use them for anything.

The "Live" software I use is the more desktop-oriented stuff; mainly Live Writer and Live Messenger. Oh, and Live Mesh of course.

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