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Shopping list
Wrote a shopping list for tomorrow’s lunchtime BBQ. Torrential rain in St Andrews a couple of hours ago; now it is quite bright and blue-skyed. Heaven knows what the heavens will give us tomorrow.

Had a lousy day yesterday — woke up feeling as though my head had been kicked in, with some of the worst hay-fever-fuzzy-headedness that I can recall. So I took the day off and slept for half the morning. Felt well enough to cook some lunch, then watched a couple of Who DVDs with Beth in the afternoon — Destiny of the Daleks and Battlefield (in the new feature-length-with-extra-bits edit).

Today has been much better. Thankfully was working from home; fuelled by my Graze box I got quite a bit done. Mary is due to arrive for the weekend later this evening.

Watching Rush Hour 3 at the moment; lightweight silliness.

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FYI: we will be bringing along a massive Teurgoule (Norman rice pudding), it being Normandy day and all ;-)

Jolly good! Sounds mmmmm yummy.

it is! but way too massive for two people, so we hardly make one.

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