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Had lunch at Ketchup, a new burger restaurant on South Tay Street (part of the Social, next to the Rep). Interesting menu; I had a goats’ cheese “burger” with a very nice chutney. The burgers were nicely presented, served on wooden platters, but let down by mediocre coleslaw. And odd chips, that were very greasily crispy on the outside and almost like mash on the inside.

Menu: http://www.socialanimal.co.uk/Dundee/Ketchup_Dundee/menus/menu.php?id=332

With a name like “Ketchup”, it was no surprise that they had their own brand of ketchup on the tables (and for sale by the bottle). It tasted quite pleasant, had a good texture, a sane ingredient list, and was made in Scotland. Unfortunately it just wasn’t Heinz.

Prices were high, but a 2-for-1 deal that runs during the week made it quite reasonable.