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Food and drink
Two dates for your diaries:

BBQ on Saturday 20 June — We’ll be braving the weather to have our next BBQ of the season on Saturday, from 1pm, at 29 Brewster Place, St Andrews. Last time the rain held off, although the wind was a little gusty. What will it throw at us this time? As usual, we’ll provide some soft drinks, salads, bread, cheese and some veggie burgers or sausages. If you want something more exciting to drink, or you like a bit of meat, bring it with you.

Birthday tea on Sunday 28 June — At 3pm we’ll be having afternoon tea up at the Fairmont St Andrews, to celebrate my birthday (which is the following day). Join us for sandwiches, scones, cakes and tarts. Oh, and the odd cup of tea. Be prepared to pay about £14 each, and it is worth every penny.

For either of the above, let me know if you’d like to come. All welcome.

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I'd quite like to go to the birthday tea. Any chance of a lift ? I should make it even if not..going to my parents for a fortnight from the 1st..so no food bills for 14 days :)

I think Kate, Beth and I will be going up early to have a swim in the spa pool. But Andrew will be driving up too; when I asked him he said giving you a lift should be ok, so I’d suggest having a chat with him.

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