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Connecting to the world
Sometimes I feel that that I’m out of sync with the world. Newsnight has just dedicated a whole programme to talking about Michael Jackson. Was he really that important? Do people care that much, or is this hype by the media on a slow news day? Do we really need to hear the emergency phone call that summoned his ambulance played on the BBC’s flagship serious news programme?

The peak of Jackson’s career was twenty-five years ago, and he has been best know in recent years for his legal, medical and financial problems. Pure tabloid fodder. Maybe people are drawn in by the story of a rich and successful performer turning into a tragedy of his own making.

I spent this morning listening to some of his albums. Didn’t do much for me.

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You're not the only one out of sync with the world in that respect. I suppose it's going to be Elvis all over again. In ten years time people are going to be going to Vegas to be married by a Michael Jackson impersonator...

In the cosmic scheme of things Jacko might not mean a thing but he did make the biggest selling album of all time. *

The bear was not a fan but still able to appreciate genius when it came to town. Saw him twice, curtsey of Sony music.

The poor little sod was an easy target for those with less talent, most every one.

Everything we ever heard about him from people who were privileged to work with him directly was that he was a good soul with no malice who, in a very literal sense, did not live in this world.

True his creativity slowed and ill health and tabloid mockery took its toll but in any sane world he would be with us and Piers Morgan would have some ghastly wasting disease.

*Usually "Of all time” irritates us because it includes the future but, given the shrinking CD market it is a fair bet that in this case it is true.

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