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Echoey rooms
[info - personal] kateaw painted the bathroom and the downstairs loo this week. No more magnolia! Now they are sparkly white. She also dumped the carpets; she’s going to pop some tiles down when we’ve found ones that will suit. With the flexing floors in this house, flexible tiles would be a good idea (to avoid the cracking problems we’ve had with the kitchen tiles). Kate has been looking at whitened cork tiles; some samples arrived earlier in the week.

With no carpet on the floor, the bathroom and loo look bare and sound echoey, bringing back memories of the way that they were when I first moved into the house eleven years ago.

We went out to Ian & Liz’s for tea and cakes today. Yummy yummy yummy. Tea was served from satisfyingly large tea pots, and Liz was a whizz at baking.

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