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Thinking about packing
We’re heading up to Skye for the weekend. Emma & Jamie’s wedding is on Friday. (Hmm. I’m having to be careful — my fingers keep typing Skype no matter how hard I try to type Skye.)

With [info - personal] qidane still feeling a little under the weather, [info - personal] kateaw and I will be giving him a lift with us. Our journey starts on Thursday morning; looks like it will be between five and six hours of driving. We’ll meet my parents and Beth in Portree — they are joining us for the weekend. Then my parents will take Kate and Beth down the county on the first leg of their journey south (K & B are heading down to Kent to Kate’s parents for a week).

We’ll be meeting up with Mary in Portree. She’s already on the island, taking advantage of the opportunity to have a proper holiday. I’ll have Mary and Andrew in the car with me for the drive back to St Andrews on Sunday.

I’ve not been to Skye before. Looking forward to being there, but I’m not sure whether I’m looking forward to the journey or dreading it. With the time involved in driving there, or going by train, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only civilised way to get to Skye would be to sail there. If only I had a boat and wasn’t starting from St Andrews.

[info - personal] sharikkamur is staying with Andrew for a couple of nights. She arrived just in time for lunch today — a pleasant social break in the middle of an otherwise hectic day I’ve spent working from home.

While typing this an old episode of CSI is playing on Five. We only started watching CSI last year; it is oddly different looking back at a first-season episode. The corridors aren’t so dark and moody! They all look so young! Well, apart from Marg Helgenberger, who I’m sure looks older back then.

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Skye is a horrible drive from just about everywhere. the AA reckon it'll take us 8 hours! Ho hum.

See you there!

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