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Starting the day at Leuchars

Starting the day at Leuchars, originally uploaded by tobyaw.

My day started too early this morning with the 6.17 service from
Leuchars to Edinburgh (a First ScotRail Class 170 DMU). I was very
good and didn’t ring Kate when I woke up this morning. This is the
first time I’ve travelled to London with a first-class ticket; this
train doesn't have a first-class section. Should have better luck on
the Waverley-Kings Cross leg of the journey.

I’ll be in the office in Bishopsgate by lunchtime. I’m staying in a
hotel nearby tonight, then a full day in the office tomorrow before a
dinner with Gareth, Jane and Tim, and a weekend trip to Birchington to
see Kate and Beth (they are staying with Kate’s parents at the
moment). Back to London on Sunday evening, a stay in the same hotel,
Monday morning in the office, then an afternoon journey back up the

This train appears to be stopping at every little station in Fife.

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