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Back to normal life
Haven’t updated the journal in a while. Got back from London on Monday evening after a pleasant time working in the London office, and an excellent time visiting Kate’s side of the family in Kent over the weekend. Came to the conclusion that first-class travel on Southeastern Trains is rubbish — definitely not worth spending any extra money on — whereas National Express East Coast was quite excellent.

Tuesday was a day in the office in Dundee, with a nasty sore throat all day. Andrew and I collected Beth and Kate from Dundee Airport at tea time; they were returning from their week in Kent. I spent the rest of the week working from home, with a headache above my right eye that started on Wednesday morning and is still going. I’ve had mild cold symptoms too, so I guess its a sinus problem. Hope it clears up soon.

I spent yesterday tidying the spare room, which is soon to become my study. When Beth moved bedrooms last year to the front of the house, I lost my study, and her old room became the spare room. But now I’m working at home for several days a week, it is becoming an intrusion for me to work at the dining-room table, so I’m making space in the spare room for a new table to work on. It should be turning up in a week or so.

Today has been a day of activity; Kate, Beth and I went out for a swim at the Fairmont St Andrews after breakfast, then Andrew joined us for a walk along to the St Andrews Harbour Gala. We lunched in town at Bella Italia (unfortunately the menu has changed and they no longer have Beth’s and my favourite), before having a look at the St Andrews Model Railway Exhibition. A fun day out.

I bought the Blu-ray of Planet Terror this week; I’m looking forward to watching it this evening.

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