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Get busy with the fizzy
I like drinking sparkling water. Often at bars I will order soda water, when they have it on tap.

While walking back from town on Sunday afternoon, with the St Andrews sun beating down on my defenceless head (I’d forgotten to put a hat on), I thought how nice it would be to have a large glass of cold, fizzy water when I got home. However I can’t bring myself to buy bottled water, fizzy or otherwise, when we have a plentiful supply of tap water.

I thought back to when I shared a flat with Andrew. He had a SodaStream, and I spent at least one summer in the late 90s drinking practically nothing but freshly-fizzed water. I had a look at the current range of SodaStream machines.

Does anyone have any experience with modern SodaStreams? Are they worth the money? Or is there a better (cost-effective and environmentally friendly) way of making sparkling water at home?

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Also used to have one and had a peek at the current ones recently. No actual experience of them though.

I do note that Lakeland has a 3rd off a soda syphon currently, coming in a lot cheaper at just under 25 quid, and they sell the cartridges. Not so handy for Beth if she wants flavoured fizzy drinks though!

The soda siphon appears to use one cartridge per litre of water, and at £3.91 for ten cartridges seems rather pricy, for the amount that I’m likely to get through. Okay for a splash of fizzy water, but not so good for a pint.

Good idea though. At least it puts the SodaStream price in perspective — a cylinder is said to carbonate 60 litres of water, for a refill price of £6.89.

Potentially less actually. Lakeland have a cheaper price where they recycle/refill your cartridge. Worth checking out.

Aha, that was the recycled price. Ignore me!

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