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Beth’s first day

Beth’s first day, originally uploaded by tobyaw.

Beth started school today.

For the last couple of years she has been going to a nursery for two and a half hours every morning, but from today she will be out for a full day at St Leonards. She has to be there at 8.40am, and finishes at 4.10pm. She was very excited to get there this morning.

But what will Kate do with all her free time?

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Kate will get her own life back? :)

Beth does look quite sweet in her uniform though. Are you ready for the inevitable litany of every little thing she did at school today when she gets back?

Oh yes, we’ll look forward to hearing about what she has been up to. Either that, or she’ll fall asleep before tea time.

I have a life between 9am and 4pm :)

But what will Kate do with all her free time?

Catch up on her sleep?

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