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Freddy the bear
Beth brought home Freddy for the weekend, a teddy bear from school. A different child takes him home each weekend. We have to write up his diary to take back to school, with some photos. Beth has to change his clothes (and pyjamas), and brush his teeth.

We had a relatively quiet weekend; a trip into town for lunch yesterday at Nahm Jim. Beth wasn’t keen on her bento box: “Don’t bring me to this disgusting place and give me this disgusting food again!” As usual we had a Sunday trip to the Fairmont for a swim.

Last weekend was much busier; a day out in Glasgow to the Science Centre on Saturday, and a school parents’ association BBQ on Sunday (good to meet some of Beth’s classmates’ parents).

Looking forward to Marple tonight. The suspense! How far will it deviate from the plot? Will I end up shouting at it?

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