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After seeing them on Top of the Pops last friday, which I found very amusing, I ordered the new Iron Maiden album from Play. It turned up this morning.

It has some form of copy protection, which it mentions on the back of the case, but it doesn't give details. When I inserted the disc in my Mac, it mounted two volumes. One was the regular audio CD, the other was a computer partition which had a special player application. When I ran it, it crashed.

Then I imported the CD audio using iTunes as usual, and it worked fine. Why do they bother with copy protection that does nothing but annoy consumers?

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OH YES!!!!!

So what's the new Maiden CD like? Brave New World was ok but not necessarily their best

It just sounds like another Maiden album! Which is a good thing.

I'm on the second listen through at the moment, and enjoying it. No other rock band sounds like Maiden. Its nice to know they can still do it.

Looking at the sleeve photos, they need a haircut or two...

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