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[info - personal] kateaw disappeared off to bed yesterday afternoon with a headache — she went upstairs to read her magazine, and fell asleep within minutes. After feeding Beth her tea and putting her to bed, I thought I’d take the opportunity to watch one of the films on our shelves that I like but that Kate isn’t so keen on. After some deliberation I settled down with the Blu-ray of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. To my taste it is a wonderfully atmospheric, intelligent, and visually stunning slice of science-fiction horror.

Kate woke up, and joined me for the latter part of the film. She really wasn’t keen on the gory special effects, and wondered why anyone would watch something so unpleasant.

On the other hand, earlier this evening she was watching some Channel 4 make-over programme which involved cosmetic surgery and skin-peeling chemicals. I couldn’t cope with it and felt a little queasy. How could anyone watch something so unpleasant?

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