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I bought strawberries to make ice cream, but I forgot to buy cream. That is limiting. So do I make a strawberry ice cream with a tin of condensed milk, or a strawberry frozen yoghurt?

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Yoghurt, no question.

Problem solved: I made both. Good reason to stay in the kitchen and miss most of the dancing on TV this evening.

The all-important question...

So, how did the two turn out?

Re: The all-important question...

Frozen yoghurt: blended strawberries mixed with low-fat natural yoghurt, Splenda sweetener and a dash of lemon juice. I haven't tried it, but Kate and Beth scarfed a tub between them, so it must have been ok.

Ice cream: three egg yolks beaten with sugar, hot milk added and warmed to thicken, tin of condensed milk added, blended strawberries and a dash of lemon juice. A pleasant creamy texture, good strawberry flavour, but a hint of seedy grittiness (I over-blended the strawberries - normally I aim for strawberry sludge but these turned into liquid full of seeds).

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