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I turned on the central heating today. First time we've had it on for months. Lots of gurgling from the radiators. Kate and I popped out at lunchtime to order some new kitchen taps (the existing hot tap is leaky). A plumber is coming to fit them on Tuesday. Or maybe he is coming to tell us when he can come and fit them. Hard to tell.

Reaching October feels like a change of season. Now I can start looking forward to the autumn:

  • Kate is away down to Kent this weekend. It is her parents' golden wedding anniversary. A big family get-together, but Beth and I are staying in St Andrews (didn't want Beth to miss any school, and it we travelled down on the Saturday we wouldn't be in a sensible state for the party in the evening).
  • Kate and I are going to see Dean Friedman in concert at the Byre Theatre on 15 October.
  • My parents (and maybe Polly) are coming to visit for a weekend, probably Thursday 15 to Tuesday 20 October. That is in the middle of Beth's half term holiday, which is a fortnight this term.
  • Kate's birthday is on Sunday 25 October. Now what shall I get her?
  • Andrew's Halloween firework party will be on Saturday 31 October; must encourage him to get the invitations sent out this weekend.
  • Might have a work trip to London at some time in the next month or two; like the last one, it will involve a couple of days working in the office in Bishopsgate.

...and then we're into November. Haven't really thought that far ahead yet, but we are planning to head down to Kent for Christmas this year.

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Dean Friedman. Waddaya Crazy! :D

For my birthday I would like...

01) an undisturbed lie in followed by breakfast
02) the new Professor Layton game for the DS
03) a new hairdryer
04) my hair cut and coloured
05) anything from my Amazon wish list

(Deleted comment)
Every year we go through the same conversation: I tell Andrew that people will only come to his party if they know when it is, and if he invites them.

I think he's only really interested in letting off the fireworks; he just assumes people will turn up and watch them.

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