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I have spare Spotify and Dreamwidth invitations if anyone would like one. On the other hand, I'd love a Google Wave invitation.

This entry was originally posted at http://tobyaw.dreamwidth.org/163253.html.

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What are the main benefits of Dreamwidth over LiveJournal?

Really just a bunch of little fixes and improvements, but together they take what LJ does well and make it better in almost every way. Dreamwidth feels like LJ used to be, back when it was innovating, adding new features, and seemed to be about blogging and community rather than advertising and 'virtual gifts'.

They seem to have a sane business sense, and are mostly made up of ex-LJ staff. I find the project appealing.

Some of the current and planned differences between LJ and DW:

As I tend not to use any of those LJ peripherals and just use it as a platform to put my stuff out there for The World,(Friends List) to see and comment if they wish. I'm not sure what else I need in a blog right now?

Yes, if you're happy with LJ and with your LJ friends list, then there isn't much point in changing anything.

I wrote a tool a while ago that shows you which of the users on your LJ friends list also have DW accounts (assuming of courses that they use the same username for both). You can see it for your friends list at:

Thanks, that link was very useful. I think I'll be staying on LJ for the time being.

Amusing! By my calculations, I was accepting an invite to Spotify, just as this was posted :)

Everything is connected. No, really, it is.

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