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Surviving without Kate
Kate is down in Kent for a long weekend; it is her parents’ golden wedding anniversary. Sounds like they had a good party yesterday afternoon. She’ll be back here on Monday evening.

Beth, Andrew and I went braved the high winds and went to Anstruther for lunch yesterday. Apparently the golf was cancelled for the day, so there were more people about than usual. After a lengthy queue for a table, we had lunch at the fish & chip shop. Never quite sure that it is worth the wait. The chips are good enough, if somewhat soft and oily, and the side salad has an old-fashioned charm, but the veggie main meals are pretty grim. I’ve learnt from experience to avoid the macaroni cheese, and yesterday I had an awful veggie burger (mushy and chewy, with rubbery nuggets of diced carrot). They sell themselves on their fish, and none of us are fish eaters. Not convinced about the cardboard trays they serve the food on, and the individual tubs of sauces make them feel a bit rationed. Sauce should come in a bottle.

Lunch was followed by a walk along most of the pier. Amusingly windy. We avoided the final segment of the pier as waves were spectacularly breaking over it. Odd seeing such a wild sea with such a blue sky above it. We watched the lifeboat launch and head out for a training exercise, then we had the obligatory wander around the lifeboat station shop. Andrew bought some Christmas cards.

We set ourselves the goal of buying some copies of the St Andrews Citizen. They have their photo supplement this week of primary schools’ first year intake, so Beth and some of her friends are in there. The Co-op in Anstruther failed us, but Spar in St Andrews had some.

While watching Purple Rain last night, Andrew and I heard an enormous echoey banging outside. Turned out there was a big firework display over the town, presumably as part of the Dunhill. I guess it was too windy for golf, but not too windy for fireworks.

Beth and I are breakfasted and watching the F1 now.

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As a fish eater, I am also a little mystified as to why there's so much fuss about the Ainster chippy. There's nothing wrong with them, but I've actually eaten better at one of the several competitors.

A triumph of marketing over content, then.

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