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Beth has two weeks of half term. I am most reliably informed that the schools around here have two weeks off in the autumn term so the children can help with the potato harvest.

So I will be encouraging Kate and Beth to spend their time digging.

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I knew that Pert offered a "tatty picking holiday" but didn't realize that St Andrews did as well!

Aye managed to jouk the tatty howkin. Made a puckly pennies at the berries, mind, but that was in the summer.

You might have escaped the tattie picking, but has your office been invaded by escaping toddlers?


One of my fellow developers noticed the breakout in progress, as their desks all face out over the nursery. I've got my back to them, so saw nothing. I might have seen them if they'd come down the road a bit, but they never got beyond the car park.

The nursery is at A, we're right next to it in the green patch (photo predates the building of this office), and my view points roughly North-West.

I walked past the new building — and the nursery — last week, on my way from Brightsolid to grab some lunch at the South Road Tesco.

I wish I'd noticed you!

I guess I'm too used to ignoring what's going on outside the window. If you pass by again, we're all on the middle floor.

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