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Sunday afternoon
I spent half the morning preparing lunch while Kate was busy sticking tiles on the loo floor. As Andrew was the only meat eater today, he roasted the lamb in his house (so we veggies didn’t have to deal with it), and then he decided that it wasn’t cooked sufficiently for his taste, so we all had a veggie roast lunch. (He left the lamb in for a while longer, and will lunch on it through the week.)

Pudding was cheese & biscuits. Red Leicester, Emmental, Pié d’Angloys, and a crumbly Lancashire were the cheeses of choice, with Hovis digestives and Carr’s water biscuits. Kate is a big fan of Lancashire cheese — having passed by a Booth’s on the way home from Wales last weekend, Kate was well supplied with her favourite (even better than Wensleydale, I am told). I prefer the Pié d’Angloys, which I think is the finest cheese that our local Morrisons stocks. Beth has developed a particular fondness for pickled onions with her cheese. Many were consumed.

I’ve spent the afternoon trying to get a VAT invoice out of Google Apps Premier, Andrew is copying some of his files onto my Drobo for a backup (or maybe a master copy), and Kate and Beth are doing a craft project, making something on the dining room table.

We’re heading out swimming shortly.

Next up: must plan our Christmas party lunch. Keep your diaries free for Sunday 20 December.

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You're not afraid of brand names, eh?

Hey, RSVP'ing here, since I got caught in an endless recursive of typing the 'I am not a bot' words on Facebook. Sounds great, but I'm heading up to Nairn with my parents on Friday. They need to get home, and I'm well enough to look after myself yet. I probably won't be back for the NY Day party either, but I should be back in St A's sometime in January.

I'm NOT well enough...yadda yadda

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