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Sunday night viewing is a handful of episodes of UFO. We’ve been recording them from ITV4.

While having seen and greatly enjoyed pretty much everything else that Gerry Anderson made, somehow UFO passed me by. So here in 2009 we are enjoying the best that 1970 can offer us. And there is much to enjoy — the performances, the model work, the uniforms, the theme music, the hairstyles on moonbase, and the adult tone compared with his other work.

I guess like the rest of Anderson’s work these were made on 35mm, so I can hope for an HD release on Bluray at some point. Oh yes, I’d buy that.

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I read 'Gillian Anderson', got very confused and then realised my mind is slightly warped ;)

UFO was always my favourite of the Anderson series, probably because it was much more believable than Space 1999. For many years I lusted after Straker's car (until I discovered the Aston Martin Bulldog - I seem to have a thing about one-off vehicles). It's something I really must pick up on DVD at some point.

I remember avidly watching UFO in the 70's. On just after Sunday lunchtime as I recall. The SkyDiver submarine/aircraft was my favourite bit of tec. As you say, a show with lots of style!

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