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Christmas music #1 — Twisted Sister
For Beth, the beginning of December means a daily chocolate from her advent calendar. For me, it means Christmas music. I rather like Christmas music as a genre, and have always started playing Christmas music on the first of December.

Now with the benefit of Spotify, I have a much wider selection available. What joy! I’ve been having fun finding interesting Christmassy oddities to listen to. But early results of my careful research suggest that the finest Christmas album ever is Twisted Sister’s A Twisted Christmas. [info - personal] kateaw will grow truly sick of this album before the Christmas season is over.


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Not really a fan of Christmas music myself, but I have to admit A Twisted Christmas interests me strangely.

However, I don't have a Spotify account, free or otherwise; would it be possible for you to oblige with an invitation? TVM if you can.

I’ve sent you my last remaining Spotify invitation.

Thank you :-). I will go off and have a listen now.

Sick of it already...

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