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Doctor Who: Alien Armies
Last weekend I picked up a couple of starter sets (and some booster packs) of the recently released Doctor Who Alien Armies trading card game. I’ve been playing it all week with Beth, and it has been a lot of fun. And a learning experience too — Beth has been reading the attack and defence attributes from the cards, and making a fair stab at many of the character names. We will end up knowing the names of all the characters in new Who, from The Christmas Invasion onwards.

The cards are quite pretty and well made, although they could do with having rounded corners, and the starter packs came with an album to keep the cards in, and checklists of all the cards. (A tin might be a better bet for speedy access to the cards; some shops have a tin set.)

Must buy more booster packs at the weekend.

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I have four booster packs and the limited edition Tenth Doctor card, all from a recent issue of DWM. I'm never going to use them; they're yours next time there's a chance to hand them over.

Woo! Happiness.

Will you be at our Xmas party lunch on Sunday 20th?

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