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Books read in 2009
…and the books I read in the past year, not counting the many read to Beth! I got through sixty books this year, which is a good increase on last year. I still spend too much time in front of a screen when I could be reading.

As usual, a good bit of detective fiction. I made an effort to read more non-fiction, but with non-fiction I find I don’t have the enthusiasm to keep reading, and a book will last me weeks. Fiction, on the other hand, I read with avidity.

A Canticle for Leibowitz Walter M. Miller Jr (1959)
Cover Her Face P. D. James (1962)
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman P. D. James (1972)
The Black Tower P. D. James (1975)
Original Sin P. D. James (1994)
The Murder Room P. D. James (2003)
The Lighthouse P. D. James (2005)
The Faraway Tree Collection Enid Blyton</em>
The Private Patient P. D. James (2008)
Rumpole and the Reign of Terror John Mortimer (2006)
The Death of Dalziel Reginald Hill (2007)
The Act of Roger Murgatroyd Gilbert Adair (2006)
The Mysterious Affair of Style Gilbert Adair (2007)
And Then There Was No One Gilbert Adair (2009)
Verdict of Twelve Raymond Postgate (1940)
Doors Open Ian Rankin (2008)
Past Imperfect Julian Fellowes (2008)
The Steep Approach to Garbadale Iain Banks (2007)
Break No Bones Kathy Reichs (2006)
Nation Terry Pratchett (2008)
The White Tiger Aravind Adiga (2008)
Venn That Tune Andrew Viner (2008)
One City (2005)
The Witches Roald Dahl (1983)
This is Your Brain on Music Daniel Levitin (2006)
Matilda Roald Dahl (1988)
Finn Family Moomintroll Tove Jansson (1961)
Things to do with Dad Chris Stevens
Oor Wullie (2008)
Who On Earth Is Tom Baker? — An Autobiography Tom Baker (1997)
Editor — An Inside Story of Newspapers Max Hastings (2002)
Feast: A History of Grand Eating Roy Strong (2002)
A Mind to Murder P. D. James (1963)
A Taste for Death P. D. James (1986)
Matter Iain M. Banks (2008)
The Anti-social Behaviour of Horace Rumpole John Mortimer (2007)
Inversions Iain M. Banks (1998)
I Am Legend Richard Matheson (1954)
Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly Anthony Bourdain (2000)
The Thistle and the Rose: Six Centuries of Love and Hate between the Scots and the English Allan Massie (2005)
Devices and Desires P. D. James (1989)
Doctor Who The Writer's Tale: The untold story of the BBC series Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook (2008)
Oor Wullie (2002)
Performing Music in the Age of Recording Robert Philip (2004)
Death in Holy Orders P. D. James (2001)
Slayer Slang: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lexicon Michael Adams (2003)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle (1892)
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle (1894)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle (1905)
His Last Bow: Some Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle (1917)
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle (1927)
The Big Sleep Raymond Chandler (1939)
Farewell My Lovely Raymond Chandler (1939)
The High Window Raymond Chandler (1943)
The Lady in the Lake Raymond Chandler (1944)
The Little Sister Raymond Chandler (1949)
The Long Goodbye Raymond Chandler (1953)
Playback Raymond Chandler (1958)
Death of an Expert Witness P. D. James (1977)
A Certain Justice P. D. James (1997)

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