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Bernard Cribbins
There was good and bad in the Who. The story made as little sense as any of RTD’s season finales, the ending was ridiculously over long and drawn out, there seemed to be lots of running about but no real action, the villain gave speeches but didn’t actually do much, the reason for the regeneration was a bit incidental, and I spent the whole time wishing it had been directed by Graeme Harper instead of Euros Lyn. And that it had been written by someone else.

But… Bernard Cribbins.

All is forgiven. The scene with the Doctor in the café was television magic, and the screen lit up every time he appeared.

Bernard Cribbins.

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Agreed. He was the true star!

I'm not quite sure I'm willing to forgive the bits that were tosh, but I'm prepared to forget them.

Hoping that the forthcoming Moffat/Smith series will blow away some of the RTD/Tennant cobwebs. Although there was a lot I liked in the last 5 years and they (and Eccleston) deserve credit for that, it's reached the point where I won't miss them.

You can't tell much from a trailer, but the thing I partcularly noticed was that there seemed to be a more subdued palette. Be interesting to see if that's reflected in any more substantial way.

There was certainly a higher-than-acceptable tosh content. If Moffat/Smith can reduce that then I will be happy.

I was very glad that Wilf got a ride in the tardis (finally!), got into outer space etc. :)

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