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Yesterday evening I started something that I've been meaning to for some time - a reinstallation of the OS and apps on my MacBook Pro. I find it a useful thing to do every couple of years; to have a fresh and clean machine, and an opportunity to assess exactly which apps I actually use. When Snow Leopard came out last year I took the opportunity to do a clean install (rather than an upgrade) on the two Mac Minis, but the MacBook Pro is my main machine, and has a lot more software installed on it, so it is a more time consuming task.

So far the biggest installation has been Logic Studio - shuffling the DVDs seemed to go on forever. I won't be installing MS Office; I uninstalled it last year and have managed very well with a combination of iWork and Google Docs. I keep most of my documents in Dropbox nowadays, so they are easy to copy back onto the machine. I still have to retrieve photos and media from the Drobo - I'll be rsyncing this evening.

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Tsk, constantly needing reinstalling, those Macs ;-)

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