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We’re thinking of not going to Eastercon this year. With our Frogmarch weekend in May and a boating holiday on Loch Ness planned for the summer, Eastercon is unfortunately the lowest in our list of holiday priorities. We’ve been to most of the Eastercons in recent years; I was happy to starting going as kateaw knew so many people in fandom, and I found that many people I knew were con-goers too. Unfortunately Kate finds Eastercon less appealing than it has been in the past; there is a magic that has been lost and will not be regained. With the Bradford Eastercon costing us about £800 (including the memberships, hotel bill, food, and travel), we decided that it was a jolly expensive way to spend a long weekend.

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I'd agree with you on that one - I really don't find them very appealing any more, and would prefer to use my money and time on SCA stuff or proper holidays. Don't know why I don't enjoy them any more, but I don't!

I haven`t been to an Eastercon since '05 and this isn`t exactly encouraging me to go again.

Oh, sorry to hear that - since I'll be there the full weekend this time I was looking forward to meeting you for more than a brief hello this time! But there'll be other occasions. :)

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