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Sore hands, sore back
Beth got a new bed for Christmas; it is a full size single cabin bed, to replace her rather smaller child-size bed (which was supposed to be large enough for seven-year-olds, but Beth is too tall for it at five). As we were away for Christmas we couldn’t assemble it then, and then Beth was away for a week with my parents over New Year and we chose not to assemble it then, so she wouldn’t return home to an unfamiliar bed.

Today was the day for bed assembly. The twit that I am, I didn’t charge up my electric screwdriver ahead of time, and the battery was flat when we started. If I ever buy another electric screwdriver it will be mains powered, if such a thing exists.

Beth is very happy with her new bed. The drawers and cupboard underneath will hold most of her clothes and some of her toys. We can’t put a bedside table next to it, though, as it would block some of the drawers from opening. I think we’ll have to find a shelf instead.

Now I have incipient blisters on my fingers and the palm of my right hand, and a rather sore back from stretching into inaccessible corners. Looking forward to a KFB pizza and some classic Dr Who this evening.
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We bought a nice Mac Allister electric screwdriver, which came complete with a spare battery so you can charge one whilst you use the other. Very handy.

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