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Brown and saucy
I like brown sauce. I like tomato sauce too, but there is something special about brown sauce. Going back a few years, tomato ketchup was my favourite sauce, and in the ketchup world there is one true sauce: Heinz. Nothing else comes close. With brown sauce, on the other hand, I don’t find a single sauce superior to all others. The big seller is HP Sauce, and I used to always buy HP. In the last couple of years I've been experimenting with different brown sauces — there are quite a variety of brand-name options.

HP is a good all-rounder. Daddies sauce is runnier, thinner tasting, and more vinegary than HP, and I find it particularly appealing on chips. Branston brown sauce is zingier, a little fruitier, and very appealing with mashed potatoes, or in veggie-sausage sandwiches. Tiptree brown sauce is good, and tastes “posh”, which is perhaps why it doesn’t work for me as an everyday breakfast sauce.

Both HP and Daddies are owned by Heinz, and nowadays are produced in the Netherlands.

Poll #1514776 Brown sauce

Which brands of brown sauce do you favour? (select multiple answers if you wish)

HP Sauce
Daddies Favourite Sauce
Branston Brown Sauce ‘with Branston Bite’
Tiptree Brown Sauce
Any sauce as long as it is brown
Brown? What I really want is ketchup!
Put sauce on this? No, I want to taste the food!

If your favourite brand isn’t on the list above, tell me what it is:

What is the best food to have brown sauce with?

But whatever the brand, it always tastes better from a glass bottle.

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Love the Tiptree in brown and red.
It's the tamarind in brown sauce which I like. And the vinegar. I sometimes crave vinegar and find myself munching through a pickled onion jar, no idea what triggers it or what's missing in my diet to make me crave it so.


Gosh yes, I entirely understand the desire for vinegar. And we have bred a Beth who is addicted to pickles — she loves pickled onions and gherkins.

Vinegar was the one thing I couldn't stand when pregnant. Tom was consigned to white wine vinegar on chips, and the pickled onions were banished!

Mind, I'm not that keen on it ordinarily either.

This is a subject on which I do not hold an opinion.

I must also say I find the polls percentages... amusing.

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