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Busy Saturday
I'm working today; got quite a lot on at work at the moment, so an extra day will help keep on top of things.

Kate nipped into town earlier; as well as getting a bolt to mend one of our armchairs, she picked up a cheapo fountain pen for me and some railway points for Beth.

I usually write with a fountain pen at home; I'm a long-tern Parker fan, and have a Parker Sonnet that I'm very happy with. I use bottle ink; when I ordered some new ink at Christmas from Diamine they also sent a mixed pack of coloured ink cartridges. Unfortunately they were the little 'euro-standard' cartridges, which won't work in any of the Parker or Sheaffer pens I have. So Kate went to Innes' on South Street today, and bought me the cheapest (about £10!) fountain pen that would take the little cartridges; a very plastic Staedtler. Now I'm taking notes in vibrantly orange ink. Joy.

Beth and Kate had fun with Beth's wooden railway this morning. With lots of straight and curved sections, but few points, track layout options were constrained. So Kate got some more two-way and three-way points. Beth is delighted.

Now back to the Apache config...

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It's good to hear of other fountain pen fans. I use them a lot for calligraphy, of course, but I've always appreciated a fine writing instrument.

I'm looking for a good fountain pen with a narrow italic nib - narrow being the issue, as the Lamy Safari (cheap and cheerful but writes well) narrowest nib is 1.1mm. I rather like the some of the Parkers myself, as they go down to an extra-fine nib... although of course the ones I like start at £200 and head northwards rapidly. :) When I come through Heathrow in February I might stop at The Pen Shop and see if they've got a Parker Sonnet with an extra fine nib in stock.

Edited at 2010-01-23 03:08 pm (UTC)

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