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Last night kateaw mentioned that she really liked a song called Northern Lights by a prog rock band called Renaissance. It had been a hit back in 1978. I found it on Spotify, and we listened to it a few times. Not bad at all; later I’ll be listening to the album it’s from: A Song for All Seasons.

This morning we rolled out of bed and headed off to Morrisons to have breakfast in the café and then do the weekly shop. qidane joined us as usual, and all four of us had the veggie cooked breakfast — not bad in execution, and very reasonable at just over three quid each. Then we went to the Fairmont for a swim in the pool; the water was quite chilly today. That was followed by lunch at Andrew’s — a veggie Irish stew followed by an “impossible pudding” (a pleasant coconut and condensed milk concoction).

We bought a veggie haggis ready for tea tomorrow. Mmm I like veggie haggis, especially with brown sauce.

Kate is riding a Segway on the Wii Fit Plus at the moment.

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That's one of my all time favs from the 70's too! Thanks for the link to their album. Do you remember a song called 'Moonlight Shadow' by Maggie Riley assisted by Mike Oldfield? It's of a similar ilk I think. Also Lindisfarne and 'Run For Home' is one to listen out for!

Love, love, love those too!

Nice icon! I'm always listening to 70's tunes!

A local radio station down here (The Coast out of Southampton; they're on-line) plays "Run for Home" quite a bit. It's been rather nostalgic hearing it.

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More things to look for in Spotify! It is full of hidden treasures; so much old and wonderful music to discover.

Giving me ideas for my listening while working tomorrow.

If you like "Moonlight Shadow", then "To France" by the same partnership is also good. The version I'm thinking of, from Mike Oldfield's Discovery album, isn't on Spotify but there is a Maggie-Reilly-only version which would give you an idea of the vocal part.

Renaissance is my all-time favourite band. They were very popular in Philadelphia, where I grew up, back in the '70s. As a teenager in the '70s, I saw them perform there about four times. Later, in the '80s, I moved to Colorado, and I saw them four more times there before they broke up.

They did a reunion tour in 2001; they'd been requested to get together and perform in Japan. However, they did a warm-up gig at the Astoria in London, so, of course, I went. It was grand.

Terry Sullivan lives here in Lymington, and they recorded 'Tuscany', the new album they made for that tour, here at his studio. I keep hoping to run across him in town. :) Annie Haslam moved to the US, to the Philly area, back in the '90s. Breast cancer slowed her down, but she still tours in that part of the world as a soloist, she and her five-octave range.

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