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Echo Bazaar
I’ve started playing Echo Bazaar, a browser-based RPG set in ‘Fallen London’, an alternative past. There are the usual stats to build up, and ‘storylets’ are unlocked by the stats reaching certain levels. Cards are added to the ‘opportunities’ deck every seven minutes, as is the ability to perform actions. The story lines and artwork are quite appealing, and it used Twitter usernames to handle multiplayer aspects of the game. (It can also post to your Twitter stream, but this isn’t required for the games, and it makes it clear that it won’t post anything without your permission.) It all seems quite fun and appealing so far; I’ll see it it maintains my interest.

Andrew pumped air into Beth’s inflatable Dalek yesterday. It is standing by the dining room table looking at us. It’s about the same height as Beth, and is the “movie” style of Dalek, with big lights on its head and a pincer arm.

A pizza is cooking in the oven for tea tonight.

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Aha, sucked in! :) I'm rather enjoying Echo Bazaar!

And how did you level stuff so quickly? :P

Gave in and bought a bundle of fate at the weekend… whistled through a lot of actions.

Liked the look of the start page but..not sure if I want to open a twitter account just to play it :)

Twitter seems a whole lot more innocuous than something like facebook.

Is there a downside to having a Twitter account? You don’t need to tweet with it.

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