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Appley goodness
New toy. Want! Want! Want!

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Why? (Genuine question - what is it about it that appeals to you?)

Because having an iPhone has changed the way that I use the internet — I do a lot of web browsing/email/Twitter/RSS news on the iPhone over 3G while travelling (not least while Andrew drives me to and from work!). So in any future portable I’d want that same benefit — 3G data. For much of my reading and web use, a physical keyboard is superfluous, and the typical laptop design is awkward in a car.

I’ve found the tablet form appealing since I had a Newton in the early ’90s. But the real benefit is a computer as an appliance (like the Newton, Palm, and iPhone — no technical worries, no installation issues, no driver problems).

For some time I’ve been thinking about what to replace my MacBook Pro with (it’s getting a bit old now), and I think an iPad might cover most of my day-to-day computing needs.

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