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Fun day out
A day in Dundee today.

After watching another five episodes of the Doctor Who story “The War Games” this morning, Kate, Beth and I went to Dundee with Andrew. We lunched on salads and shared a cheesy-bites pizza at Pizza Hut, before a brief shop at Toys “R” Us. Beth bought a turntable for her wooden railway, and we got presents for Jill’s son Keith, whose second birthday party we then attended at Kidzworld, an indoor play establishment on Old Glamis Road.

After a fun time at the party, we got back to St Andrews in time for a quick shop at the new Nisa Extra supermarket on Market Street, before home and rolling Beth into bed.

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Thanks for coming! I cant recall if I saw you out or not! The day was a blur for me! lol

Keith opened his presents before bed tonight, and he loved all he got! Thanks so much to all four of you! :)

Thank you for having us. I hope Keith had a good night's sleep after all that running around.

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