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For Your Eyes Only
This afternoon I developed an urge to watch “For Your Eyes Only”, my favourite Bond film, so now it’s playing on the Blu-ray. I’ve watched it more than any of the other Bond films; I think Roger Moore is at his best in this film, and the supporting cast (including Julian Glover and Topol) are excellent. I find there is more to see in this film every time I watch it.

There are also downsides; the pre-credits sequence is possibly the worst of the lot of them (although deftly executed), and the best thing I can say about Bill Conti’s score is that it is of its time. But the title song — and the opening title sequence — are excellent.

John Glen’s direction is effective; without flair, but very good in the action sequences, especially the sinking of the St Georges. The locations are gorgeous — the Havelocks’ yacht in Greece, Gonzales’s villa in Spain, the ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo, and the mountain-top monastery of St Cyril’s.

There is less reliance on gadgets than in previous and subsequence films; perhaps a reaction against the excesses of “Moonraker”. Bond’s Lotus is symbolically destroyed near the beginning of the film, which is followed by a chase with him driving a 2CV.

Walter Gottel, as General Gogol, is a joy, and Charles Dance has a small but memorable role as a thug. And Carole Bouquet has beautiful eyes.

What a film.

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I prefer 'You only live twice'. :)

That would definitely be near the top of my list of favourite Bond films.

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