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No parking, and hot lime
kateaw and I are both suffering with a grim cold at the moment. We went off to the new community hospital for a doctor’s appointment just before lunchtime. There wasn’t a free parking place, and waiting cars were sitting with engines running through the car park. Kate tells me that it is often full to overflowing during the day. I wonder how they managed to build a new hospital without providing enough parking — surely they must have run some numbers ahead of time to work out the demand?

Anyway, we parked in the Morrison’s car park across the road, and popped in for lunch in the café before heading home.

I’ve just dealt with the big decision of the evening. A mug of hot squash helps to relieve the cold symptoms, but will it be Rose’s Lime or Vimto this evening? Today I chose lime. But what do you drink to relieve a cold?

Poll #1521344 Hot squash

Soothing a cold and a sore throat. But what do you drink?

Hot Rose’s Lime
Hot Vimto
Hot Ribena
Hot orange squash

Or is there a better choice? What would you drink to take away the pain. And the goo.

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I understand (from someone who works there) that the hospital wanted a bigger car park but the council wouldn't let them.

Slice of fresh ginger, slice of fresh citrus (orange/lemon/lime), small amount of honey (depending on tartness of citrus). Pour on boiling water, allow to steep, fish out the ginger, drink.

You can add a shot of whisky if desired.

I find this a really good catarrh buster.

You can also get lemon and ginger teabags too which I also like, whether I have a cold or not, but they are not as strong or as effective.


Tablespoon of honey, juice of half a lemon, 5 cloves, an inch of cinnamon stick, an inch of whisky, boiling water to top up the mug.

Pretty much all bus routes have been changed to go past the new hospital. I think they probably want to discourage attendance by car.

Also Morrisons probably don't mind too much, so long as more hospital attendees get tempted in than just take advantage.

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