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Chop brown sauce
While shopping at the weekend I picked up a bottle of “Chop” brown sauce. Made by “Hammonds of Yorkshire”, I was amused to find that it was manufactured in Lancashire. Mind you, it is refreshing to find another brand of brown sauce that is actually made in the UK.

We tried it this evening with our dinner; Quorn sausages with mashed potato, red cabbage, and broad beans. The Chop sauce had a pleasantly spicy taste, although it was much less vinegary than any other brown sauce that I’ve tried. It will be a pleasure to work our way through the rest of the bottle. I’m not sure whether Chop sauce will be a regular purchase, but it may become an occasional addition to our usual pattern of HP, Daddies, and Branston brown sauces.

Kate used her new potato mashing device, to good effect.