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Green dinner

When I took Andrew’s share of the lemon curd around to him before work this morning, I asked him whether any particular foods would be eaten on St Patrick’s Day. He said that there weren’t any, but reminded me that Americans have an obsession with colouring things green.

So I started thinking about what to cook for dinner tonight. A few days ago I watched a spinach-themed episode of Iron Chef, in which Bobby Flay made green macaroni cheese. I thought I would make my own.

I simmered some spinach in milk, then blended it and put it through a sieve. With my green milk, I made a ‘white’ sauce, and added a good quantity of Lancashire (from Mellis’s in town), and a little Parmesan. It made a satisfyingly colourful and tasty green cheesy pasta (the colour of mushy peas), and even better, there are leftovers for tomorrow.


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Actually I'm enjoying a Sees St. Patricks Day tattie that returned from the New World with me. Sadly the tattie itself is no longer on the web site, being now unseasonal. It's sort of nougaty though, with nuts, and rolled in cocoa powder.

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