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Brown and white
A busy Saturday. I made four 1lb loaves of wholemeal bread this morning (as usual, one is in the bread bin for eating and the other three are in the freezer for later in the week). With Polly and Will staying with us during Stanza, they headed off to a panel discussion after breakfast, and then we met up with them for lunch at the Victoria Café. The food appears to have poshed up a bit in terms of presentation since the last time I was in there, but I was amused that they gave us one of the messiest, stickiest ketchup bottles that I’ve seen in a long time.

Polly and Beth went to a Stanza show at the Byre Theatre after lunch, while the rest of us wandered around town in the sunshine, before meeting at Jannetta’s Café for sundaes. Mmm.

A walk by the beach brought us home, and now I’m waiting for some white bread dough to rise. We’ll be eating some of the fresh bread for dinner tonight.