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An entertaining F1 this morning. Lots of overtaking, drama in the pit lane, and rain. Oh yes, F1 is truly at its best when the rain falls.

After lunch, Beth, Andrew, and I watched yesterdays Doctor Who. There are disparate opinions being expressed online about this episode. I liked it a lot. The setting and characters were excellent, and the I thought the story worked quite well. Beth loved the multi-coloured Daleks.

Kate is off at Costco in Aberdeen today. Kate and Jill do an occasional shopping run there; Beth and I weren’t allowed to go as they need every bit of space in the car for purchases. I wonder what we’ll end up with this time? We still have several packs of haloumi in the fridge, leftover from the multipack that Kate bought months ago.

It is good to see that LJ is now supporting Google Analytics. Mind you, it doesn’t appear to be working, but I’m sure it will get sorted out soon.