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We had a fun dinner out this evening at Bella Italia; Beth and I went into town with qidane, and kateaw and zephyravictrix met us there on their way home from Dundee. Andrew had some Tesco vouchers to spend (apparently the conversation rate from Tesco points to restaurant vouchers is very favourable), so thanks to Andrew to paying for dinner!

Beth and Kate are upstairs for story time at the moment. Kate has been reading the “Swallows and Amazons” books to Beth, and they have just started Peter Duck. Beth has been greatly enjoying them.

Last night when I checked on Beth as I went to bed, I found her fast asleep holding her iPhone. (She has my old iPhone — without a SIM — for playing music and games.) When I tucked her in, she turned over and flopped the hand holding the iPhone over the side of her bed, dangled it there for a while, then pull her hand back under the covers and started snuggling the iPhone. All without waking up. Oddly enough, Kate sometimes does a very similar thing when she falls asleep while playing Scrabble on her iPhone. Like mother, like daughter.

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