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The Time of Angels
What a wonderfully scary episode of Doctor Who! We watched it this morning after breakfast, and Beth was so scared that I think she kept her eyes closed for most of the episode. Which I guess is quite inappropriate, given the subject matter.

River Song is an appealing character, and I’m looking forward to seeing how her story unfolds. I liked the explanations for why the new-Who TARDIS flight is so bumpy, and why the TARDIS makes its groaning sound as it materialises. The cleric-soldiers worked well; Iain Glen had some good lines and sold them well. And the angels were just as terrifying as they should be.

I think I’ll keep it on the box, so we can re-watch it before the second part of the story next week. Thankfully, having recorded it from BBC HD, we didn’t experience the ghastly overlaid trailer at the end of the episode that others have been complaining about.