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I made a fondue for tea tonight. Beth hadn’t had one before, and rather enjoyed the whole process. It is good to have food with play value.

The Caer Caledon Beltaine Fair is in St Andrews Castle next Saturday. Assuming the weather is good, we’ll head along and have a picnic lunch there; will anyone else be there?

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sounds fun... is there a link so I can learn more about it?

I had a search but couldnt find anything...also on castle website! If you have a better source please share, it is intriguing and I might be able to manage on the bus!

The Shire of Caer Caledon is a student society in St Andrews that plays medieval. (A bit like the SCA, but on a local level.)

Every year at the beginning of May they have a Beltaine Fair in the castle, followed by a feast in one of the local halls. We used to attend regularly, but have fallen out of the habit.

More info at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=111734905530517

We'll be going along to the castle during the day - with a picnic for lunch - assuming the weather isn't wet. Probably be there from midday-ish. But we won't be going to the feast in the evening - too late for Beth's bed time.

So there will be the standard castle entry fee (or free if you have a Historic Scotland card), but no other cost.

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