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I’ve been playing with the new social sharing features in the latest version of Spotify. (I got fed up with waiting for Spotify to update itself — they are staggering updates over a number of days — so I downloaded the latest version from their website.) It gives us more toys to play with; one can share playlists which others can play or subscribe to, and tracks can be sent to other users’ inboxes.

It automatically connects Spotify users according to their Facebook friendship, but one can find and “friend” a user by their Spotify username too. My profile is at spotify:user:tobyaw.

We’ve had blue sky and sunshine for much of today, with a heavy fall of rain this evening. I hope things pick up before the medieval fair — and our picnic — in the castle tomorrow.

Andrew worked from home today, and was therefore able to cook us dinner, which was a pleasant change. I bought a bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce today, a Mexican chilli sauce, which pepped up my dinner. Surprisingly, Beth was keen to try it (she doesn’t often like “hot” food), and asked for more. She might be developing a taste for spiciness.