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Importing LJ posts into Facebook
I like my LJ posts to end up in Facebook, as a different group of my friends read there.

I’ve tried the LJ “Facebook Connect” cross-posting functionality, but that only works for posts made through LJ’s web interface (emailed posts or posts from client software don’t end up in Facebook).

I prefer to use Facebook’s note importing function; it will (or rather, should) import entries from an RSS or Atom feed. This has worked fine for me in the past, but appears not to work any more. When I add my LJ feed for importing, it pulls the latest entries into Facebook, but doesn’t then import any new posts I make in LJ. Does anyone else have any success with this?

And in a similar vein, are there any sane ways to get new LJ posts automatically twittered?

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I'm using Facebook Connect as well, and was wondering why my posts weren't showing up on FB!

Since I post to my webpage, it gets sent to LJ, but I'd like to add it to twitter as well. Let me know if you find a program. :)

Yep, the Facebook Connect promises so much… and then disappoints.

Is it Wordpress you use for your web page? Does that automatically post to LJ, or is there some third-party thing you run to do that?

I know a lot of other bloggers post to Twitter when they update their blogs, so I assume they have automatic systems doing it. If I can’t find anything for LJ, I suppose it would be an interesting project to write my own.

Yup, I use Wordpress. It has a plugin that you have to install, which then automatically sends the posts to LJ. It also has this cool filter, where if you tag something with "uncatergorized", which is a default tag, then it won't post it over. You can also turn off comments on LJ, like I do, so people can only comment on your webpage.

Presumably there aren't Wordpress plugins to post to Facebook and Twitter too?

You know, I haven't looked! I'll take a look around and see if I can find any. :)

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