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Shopping part one
Andrew and I did the first half of the weekend’s Frogmarch food shop this evening. Morrisons was oddly quiet at 9pm. Normally for Frogmarch we get a Tesco grocery delivery to the house we’ve rented for the weekend, but they didn’t want to deliver to rural Northumbria, so we had to do the shopping the old-fashioned way. We still have fridge and freezer stuff to get, but the bulk of the shop is done. Looking forward to a weekend of cooking!

I still need to get party food for our election-night party, but I’ll do that after work tomorrow. Kate and I will probably go and vote early tomorrow morning, so we can take Beth with us before she goes to school. I think she’ll enjoy seeing the process. Voting is at the Boys’ Brigade Hall next to the burn; I still have negative memories of the place from the years of living in a flat in Greenside Court and hearing bagpipe practice in their car park on otherwise pleasant summer evenings.