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Sure and steadfast vote

We voted this morning at the Boys’ Brigade Hall while taking Beth to school. Beth was upset that we didn’t vote for her chosen colour.

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Just heading down there to vote myself. Then on to library and window-shopping!

I guessing her favorite colour is purple?

You’d that thought so, but no! They have been running elections at school, and Beth is keen on the greens, but I don’t think there was a green on our election paper.

I explained to her that there wasn't a green option. She got upset when I didn't go for her second favourite, which was indeed purple.

(Deleted comment)
Wasn't a green option here. We had to go to the Salvation Army Citadel. A massive 200 yards or so. ;)

Citadel! Sounds very grand. I bet it isn’t really as impressive as it sounds, is it?

Not so much, no. Although I have seen Red Brick castles from time to time....

I've done my civic duty.

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