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Time for change
Unite for Freedom
Interesting election results last night; the unpredictability of the swing makes me think that individual campaigns and local issues counted for much more than the party leaders’ debates and national newspaper endorsements.

Will we see a sustainable agreement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats? It seems to me that would be the best outcome.

There must be strong emotions at work in the different parties today, fuelled by tiredness and uncertainty. Labour expected to lose a lot of seats; they lost big, but it could have been much worse for them. The Tories expected to gain a lot of seats; they didn’t get as many as they hoped for (but perhaps as many as they could have practically expected). The Liberals look to have had, in a way, the biggest upset, in that Cleggmania made a big noise but had no real impact on the electorate. That must hurt. And the political landscape in Scotland didn’t really change much.

We’re off to England for the weekend. We’re not venturing too far though; just over the border into Northumbria.

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And my other comment should have gone here. Anyway, Barter Books is one of our favourite book shops, mostly because they do indeed barter, so you can always take something back and get credit/money for it!

I didn't make it into Alnwick, unfortunately. Spent the whole weekend in the house and garden. And kitchen. A lot of the weekend was in the kitchen.

But most of the Frogmarchers enjoyed a trip to Alnwick Castle, and had Saturday lunch at the treehouse restaurant there, about which we heard positive reports.

Seems like a lovely part of the world.

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