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Back home

We’re back home after a weekend at Dunstan Hall near Alnwick. Andrew and I did a lot of cooking; thankfully others did much of the washing up. It was good to see old friends. There were sixteen of us at Frogmarch this year.

The house was pretty old — the tower dates back to the 1300s. The house was well equipped too, with a decent modern kitchen as well as a breakfast room with an Aga. Unfortunately the Aga wasn’t running at full temperature, but we made good use of its ovens and hobs. The music room had a splendid grand piano, and Helen provided after-dinner music for us.

Beth had a lovely time playing with the other children there, Eleanor and Matthew.

There seemed to be popular support for heading back there next year.

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Looks a pretty place!

It was quite excellent, and helped by bright sunshine and blue skies.

Beth's bedroom was the middle floor of the tower.

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