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Beth and Dr Who
While we were getting ready for the BBQ yesterday, Beth watched several old Dr Who DVDs: Full Circle (a particular favourite of hers), A Girl’s Best Friend (which sort-of counts as Dr Who, and is watched a lot), and Arc of Infinity. When I asked her what she had watched, she couldn’t remember the title of the last one, and described it as a Gallifrey story, so I rattled through a few Gallifrey-based stories but didn’t get it. I asked her what happened in the plot, and she said that she couldn’t describe it, which is probably fair for Arc of Infinity.

Today she watched Horror of Fang Rock, which is one of my bestest favouritest Dr Who stories. It was hard to tear myself away to go and do my paperwork.
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She also helped with the BBQ prep by washing down the garden chairs. Just in case anyone thinks she was skiving :)

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